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Vortex fuel caps, made in the USA.  Coarse threaded cap so no issues trying to get the threads lined up like cheaper units.  Has a lock tab to ensure once closed it stays closed.

Available in black cap and base and a variety of colours of lock tab.  Made to suit many different bikes.

  • Coarse thread enables quick closure without cross-threading
  • Large contoured finger tabs allow for easier opening compared to classic Vortex design
  • Safety lock switch prevents accidental cap loosening due to vibration or contact
  • Integrated dual check valve assembly eliminates fuel tank pressure issues
  • Vent and chamber design helps stop leaks by containing any fuel that gets past the check valve
  • Up to 55% lighter than stock keyed fuel tank caps
  • Customize to match your bike with interchangeable coloured safety lock switches

Check the attached application chart below for your bikes make and model.