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Capit Maxima Vision is a professional level tyre warmer. Equipped with side bands useful to radiate heat to the rim, it is unique thanks to the 36 pleats (18 per side) made to get the "spherical shape" or rather one form useful to copy perfectly the wheel profile and ensure the best fit of the tyrewarmer to the tyre and allowing the tyre to  heat quickly and maintain the temperature. Suprema Vision is equipped with a digital control unit of ultra-compact size (only 8mm thickness) integrated directly into the tyrewarmer made in a shock resistant material. With only two buttons you can display the initial setting temperature range (T set) and the actual present on tires (T run), display the part-time (last time) and total time (total time) of operation of the product and choose the display in °C or °F. Available in different sizes and colors. The main features are:

Radial heating cable in Teflon for reduced heating time and uniform heat distribution

Adjustable heating system from 40°C to 110°C (104 to 230°F) without thermostat (in just 30 minutes a constant and homogeneous temperature is obtained on the tire that a normal thermostat is not able to supply. The innovative and patented method consists in weaving every few millimetres a special heating cable on a fabric with a high thermal conducting power, eliminating the thermostat and related problems of inconstant temperature and low durability)

Special external coating impermeable to any liquid

Anti-wear and fireproof inner lining

Silicone power cable resistant up to 200°C

Velcro closure

Its interior is in Heat Spreader fabric (internal fabric, highly conductive, made with specific noble alloys) capable of spreading the heat perfectly

Temperature control and regulation system VISION mounted directly on tyrewarmer for greater comfort in management and handling Rack-Box-Pit Lane

Spherical shape: a special textile construction that allows you to perfectly follow the tire’s shape and cover the shoulders of the tire more

Electrical absorption for single tyrewarmer: size S 300 watt - size M 400 watt - size L 500 watt - size XL 600 watt - size XXL 800 watt

The difference from the competitors is the quality of product and service Capit, 100% made in Italy used by all the top teams MotoGP, Superbike and F1, warranty of three years and guaranteed repair service even out of warranty. Ability to customize the product logo,  The pair of tyrewarmers can be ordered in the following sizes:

  • M/L (tyres 120/17'' front and up to 180/55-17'' rear)    Pro-Twin,  Motard, 250GP
  • M/XL (tyres 120/17'' front and up to180/60-17'' to 200-205/55-17'' rear)  600 and Superbike
  • M/XXL (tyres 120/17'' front and 200-205/60-17'' rear)