Accossato, designed and manufactured In Italy to the highest standards.

The biggest difference between a quality lever protector and a cheap lever protector is the system that retains or holds the protector in place inside the bar tube.  Cheaply made (cosmetic) lever protectors use an expanding rubber that compresses as it is tightened.  In an impact when you need it to stay in place the cheap versions that are retained in this manner either move or are actually loosened as the protector is often pushed up (which on the brake side will loosen the retaining system)  Quality units (functional) use a more dependable system to secure them in place.  The Accossato uses an expanding mechanical lock system that cuts into the inside of the bar tube as it tightens resulting in a very strong mounting.

We only stock brake side lever protectors

These are a safety item for racing, it has to relied upon to do its job when its needed.

These will fit inside any bar tube with an internal diameter from 12 mm up to 16 mm