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Fantastic Product from Accossato of Italy.  These clutch lever and perch are very strong, I have personally crash tested my own one many times and it simply refuses to break!

The lever is a folding type and has a span adjustment as well for the perfect tuning of when that clutch bites...

The very special feature of these is that they are available in different distances from the pivot point to the cable (see pictures) This changes the feeling of the clutch and when the clutch will "take up"

To decide what distance you would like start by measuring what you have now, (again see picture for measurement points)  Knowing what you have you need to decide what you would like.  If you make the distance bigger the clutch will take up with a shorter distance of lever movement but the force required to operate the clutch will be higher.  If the distance is shorter then the lever movement is longer to get the clutch to take up but the force required to operate will be less.(be careful here as in some cases if you go to far the lever will come into the bar but the clutch is still engaged)

This perch and lever assembly is available with or without the option of a 2 wire clutch switch installed in the perch.

Perch and lever assembly without the clutch switch option is Part code CF006.  With the optional clutch switch the part code is CF009.   Spare levers for both are are Part code LV017