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Accossato Racing Disc Rotors were born from the experience gained in world level road racing including Superbike and Moto 2 Moto 3.  Special design of the discs and the materials used allow the transfer of the braking force in very manner.  The reduced weight of the disk is also a great advantage in terms of handling and control of the bike. Accossato Racing has three product lines:

Discs DK

The line DK has the same characteristics of the original brake discs making them interchangeable with original equipment.  Pricing is per rotor

Discs DKS

The Accossato DKS rotors were born for circuit use in classes that do not allow radical changes to the motorcycles braking system.  These are consistant with the size and material of standard original fitment rotors but have a much improved mechanical transfer design between the disc rotor and the carrier to ensure fantaisc alignemnt and transfer of load.  Pricing is per rotor

Discs DKR

These are the full monty race rotors designed for use with complete racing braking systems or in highly modified classes of racing.  Very light design with increased area for racing braking systems and are generally oversize compared to original rotors.