XT Racing GPS based lap timer, very similar to the very popular GPX Pro lap timer/data loggers but without the data logging functions.

This unit is packed with features:
* Automatically creates "new tracks" the first time you race at a track
* Automatically recognizes tracks you've already raced at
* Two modes of operation - Circuit mode (repetitive laps) and Point-to-point mode (rally)
* Up to 4 profiles to allow customization for connection to up to 4 vehicles
* Choice of several screen layouts for when you're on the track
* Track map is captured and may be displayed when reviewing laps
* Stores up to approximately 90 sessions
* define up to 5 splits for each track. Splits may be added or deleted at any time.
* Multiple hour/mileage meters
* Adjustable power-off timing
* Firmware updates are always free and you're informed of updates in XT Studio
* Count laps - increasing or decreasing (laps left)
* Handles tracks that run both clockwise and counter-clockwise

Hardware features
* 5 hz GPS capture
* CNC billet aluminium case
* 240x160 pixel LCD panel
* LCD backlight with selectable brightness
* High-brightness green and LEDs for "better/worse" lap indication
* 4-way rubberized button for menu and operational control
* Internal 3-axis accelerometer
* Internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery
* USB port for charging and downloading data
* 8 megabytes of internal memory for storing sessions
* All data in the GPX ZED may be downloaded at any time to XT Studio (comes with the unit)
* Data may be imported/exported so you can compare data with friends
* When connected to the internet, informs you of updates to the Zed's firmware and updates to XT Studio itself
* View speed and acceleration data anywhere on the track map
* Compare multiple laps.